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SEAGO Regional Account

This allotment of funds is non-competitive. Each year SEAGO develops a Method of Distribution (MOD) for the funds that is approved by our Executive Board and ADOH. Currently all member communities have elected to rotate the years each community can prepare an application.

SEAGO's Responsibility is to assist our communities by providing technical assistance and application preparation (TAAP) for each RA applicant by:

  • Ensuring the total of all funds requested is consistent with the MOD.
  • Assisting with the public participation process, preparing ads and conducting hearings.
  • Responding to questions from public and nonprofits.
  • Ensuring each potential project is eligible, fundable and meets a National Objective.
  • Researching census or other Low to Moderate Income (LM) data.
  • Planning and determining scope of work and budget.
  • Determining beneficiaries and racial information.
  • Filling out the requisite forms, maps, resolutions, etc. for the application packet
  • Reviewing and revising all completed applications before recommending to SEAGO‚Äôs Executive Board for funding and before submitting them to ADOH.
  • The community may contract with SEAGO to write the entire application for them.

Contract Administration

The community may also contract with SEAGO to implement and administer their project(s) once funded. Up to 18 percent of the grant may be used to pay for project administration, which includes:

  • Completion of an Environmental Review Report.
  • Procurement of any design professionals, including pre-proposal meeting.
  • Procurement of any materials or equipment.
  • Participation in all design meetings to ensure design professionals, and community staff are - keeping the project in line with grant parameters.
  • Assisting design professional with development of bid documents.
  • Preparation of Labor Standards requirements and Environmental Condition inserts for inclusion into the bid documents.
  • Overseeing the construction bidding process.
  • Overseeing the contracting process.
  • Conducting the Pre-Construction Conference.
  • Completing all Labor Standards requirements.
  • Attending construction meetings.
  • Ensuring initial funds are spent within the allotted 90 days.
  • Meeting other timelines required by the contract with ADOH.
  • Maintaining files for the community.
  • Attending monitoring visit(s) by ADOH.
  • Responding to any questions or concerns ADOH may have.
  • Preparing the Closeout Report.
  • Assisting auditors as needed.