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Transportation Enhancement Applications (TE)

Transportation Enhancement Round 19 Officially Canceled

On July 6, 2012, President Obama signed into law the transportation funding reauthorization bill known as Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21). As predicted, the bill had a significant impact on the Transportation Enhancement program. The Transportation Enhancement and Safe Routes to Schools programs have been rolled together into a new program called "Transportation Alternatives". Under MAP-21, it is estimated that there will only be $1.2 million available for the TE program in greater Arizona, as compared to approximately $13 million in past years. ADOT Transportation Enhancement Section staff are currently working to determine the future of the TE program. In the meantime, Round 19 has been canceled. As a result, the applications listed below are being returned to SEAGO. SEAGO will preserve the original copies submitted to ADOT in the event that they can be re-submitted if there are future rounds of funding. As we receive guidance from ADOT, we will update the information on this page.

The Transportation Enhancement Handbook, a list of awarded projects, and other program information are available at ADOT. Please note that these forms, instructions and guidance materials will likely be revised due to the MAP-21 legislation. 

The Transportation Enhancement Program
(as it existed before MAP-21) 

Before MAP-21, virtually anyone could apply for Transportation Enhancement funding. To receive consideration, and be awarded funding, the project was required to be sponsored by an appropriate governmental agency. The sponsoring agency was usually a town, city, county, tribe, or federal land management agency. The people who were developing TE project concepts - whether it be a government entity, group, or individual - were first required to submit their ideas to SEAGO. SEAGO staff evaluated project concepts, and provided technical assistance and advice for the projects. Just how this process will be revised under MAP-21 has yet to be determined.  

SEAGO Round 18 (2010) Transportation Enhancement Applications (Awarded)

Below is a list of links to projects awarded in the SEAGO region from Round 18. You will note that there were more than $4.1 million in TE projects awarded in the SEAGO region alone!  

Bisbee State Hwy 92-Naco Final R18

Naco (State) $942,656 

Graham RD18 2010

(Local) $641,749

Huachuca City State Sidewalk Project

 (State) $439,297

Safford Local Mainstreet Improvements

(Local) $659,806

Safford State 191 Sidewalk Phase II

(State) $249,728

Sierra Vista Local Connectivity Project

(Local) $540,030

Willcox Local AZ AVE Phase I

 (Local) $656,953

Total amount awarded in 2010: $4,129,408