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July 1, 2015 Population Estimates - An Economic Indicator - 12/18/15

It’s fairly well known that the SouthEastern Arizona Government Organization is the agency responsible for transportation planning and programming in the non-metropolitan areas of our four-county service area.  But few people are aware that SEAGO's Transportation Section plays a major role in the collection of population data used in developing growth estimates for the region.

USDA Rural Development offers loans and grants for home repairs


Rural Homeowners can take advantage of federal program to repair their homes. 

USDA Rural Development offers loans and grants for home repairs.


CEDS - A Roadmap for Regional Economic Development - 12/4/15

Imagine embarking on a trip through a foreign country such as China without the benefit of a roadmap.  If you spoke the language, you could ask for directions as you went, but no matter how proficient your language skills, you would inevitably find yourself lost, retracing your route and wasting a great deal of time, money and other finite resources.  The same is true of a region attempting to find its way to economic prosperity without a comprehensive plan to guide its effort. 

Southeastern Arizona Governments Organization Area Agency on Aging (SEAGO/AAA) is looking for members for our Advisory Council on Aging (ACOA).

One of many changes happening at SEAGO is a new phone number for the Area Agency on Aging office.  The AAA Office has transitioned to a stand-alone phone system which will reduce operating costs and should eliminate the garbled voice and other issues with the previous system.  

Effective the first week in September 2013, the new phone number for the AAA Office will be (520) 432-2528.



Don't wait until you receive a foreclosure notice from your lender! If you are struggling to pay your mortgage, our counselors may be able to help. Contact Julie Packer, Housing Programs Manager at (520) 432-5301 Extension 203, or at housing@seago.org .



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