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The Canary in the Coal Mine - 11/17/15

By now it’s old news that Pima County residents overwhelmingly rejected more than $800 million in bond propositions in the elections held on November 3rd. Seven separate propositions would have funded such things as transportation infrastructure and maintenance, libraries and workforce training, tourism promotion, parks and recreation facilities, health, welfare and safety programs, recreational access to natural areas, and flood control programs – all critical to the future prosperity and quality of life of Pima County residents. 

Protecting Long-Term Care Residents’ Rights - 11/17/15

The Long-Term Care Ombudsman program at the SEAGO Area Agency on Aging conducts regular visits to nursing homes and assisted living facilities throughout our four-county region.  Volunteer Ombudsmen talk with residents and staff at these facilities to understand their concerns, likes and dislikes, advocate for residents’ needs and if necessary, assist residents in filing complaints when appropriate. 

Southeastern Arizona Governments Organization Area Agency on Aging (SEAGO/AAA) is looking for members for our Advisory Council on Aging (ACOA).

SEAGO region to receive $1M for elderly and disabled transit - 9/2/15

The Arizona Department of Transportation recently released the official fiscal year 2015 Section 5310 Coordinated Mobility Grant Program award notifications, and the SouthEastern Arizona Governments Organization region did extremely well. A total of $1.1 million was awarded to our regional transportation providers and mobility management programs.

One of many changes happening at SEAGO is a new phone number for the Area Agency on Aging office.  The AAA Office has transitioned to a stand-alone phone system which will reduce operating costs and should eliminate the garbled voice and other issues with the previous system.  

Effective the first week in September 2013, the new phone number for the AAA Office will be (520) 432-2528.



Don't wait until you receive a foreclosure notice from your lender! If you are struggling to pay your mortgage, our counselors may be able to help. Contact Julie Packer, Housing Programs Manager at (520) 432-5301 Extension 203, or at housing@seago.org .



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