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The SouthEastern Arizona Governments Organization (SEAGO) is a regional planning agency, and we welcome your feedback and review of the programs and services showcased on these pages and managed by SEAGO.  Details about our staff, Executive Board, Administrative Council, and Mission Statement can be found by clicking the tabs at the top of this page.


2016 Aging Summit - Aging in Arizona

We were proud to participate in the 2016 Aging Summit held May 19-20 in Flagstaff, Arizona!

A Lot of Pennies Saved - 1/22/16

Benjamin Franklin, one of our nation’s founding fathers, became an icon of wisdom because of his many adages. Among his most well known is the old saying “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Within the context of that truism, the SEAGO Area Agency on Aging’s State Health Insurance – Senior Medicare Patrol Program (SHIP/SMP) helped individuals across our four-county region earn an impressive amount of money last year.

Canadians Good for Southeastern Arizona's Economy - 2/5/16

At a forum held last April in Benson, it was estimated Arizona would attract more than 1 million Canadian tourists in 2015, bringing $1 billion to the state’s economy. It’s likely a substantial amount of that windfall is benefiting the SEAGO region. A similar forum was held January 22nd to acquaint the local real estate community with the enormous potential for selling residential property to Canadians visiting Cochise County during the winter season.

USDA Rural Development offers loans and grants for home repairs


Rural Homeowners can take advantage of federal program to repair their homes. 

USDA Rural Development offers loans and grants for home repairs.


Southeastern Arizona Governments Organization Area Agency on Aging (SEAGO/AAA) is looking for members for our Advisory Council on Aging (ACOA).

One of many changes happening at SEAGO is a new phone number for the Area Agency on Aging office.  The AAA Office has transitioned to a stand-alone phone system which will reduce operating costs and should eliminate the garbled voice and other issues with the previous system.  

Effective the first week in September 2013, the new phone number for the AAA Office will be (520) 432-2528.



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