The SEAGO Housing Program is no longer operating as a Housing Counseling Agency.  Please read the following instructions carefully. If you are in need of housing counseling services, please call Family Housing Resources at 520.318.0993, and they will be able to assist you. You can also click the Framework logo below to access the online homebuyer course.  If you need assistance regarding down payment assistance you received under the Rural Homepurchase Assistance Program and the lien on your property is held by SEAGO, contact Randy Heiss at rheiss@seago.org or 520-432-5301, ext.202.  To determine if your lien is held by SEAGO, check your down payment assistance Deed of Trust and the beneficiary will show SouthEastern Arizona Governments Organization.  If you purchased your home from January 2004 forward under the Homes for Arizonans Program or Your Way Home Arizonans Program, then please contact the Arizona Department of Housing and speak with Sandra Weis at 602-771-1027 or e-mail her at sandra.weis@azhousing.gov, and she will be able to assist you.  Clients who received help from the Save Our Home Arizona Program, can either call Family Housing Resources at 520-318-0993 or Brian Sadusky at 602/771-1047.   Let them know that SEAGO was your counseling agency and they will be able to assist you with your questions or concerns.


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