CARES Act Mortgage and Utility Assistance Program

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Attention residents of Cochise, Graham and Greenlee Counties!  Have you been impacted by Corona Virus?  SouthEastern Arizona Governments Organization has recently been funded with CARES Act dollars allocated by the State of Arizona Housing Department for the purpose of obtaining mortgage and utility assistance for those homeowners suffering economic hardship caused by the pandemic.  Those who believe they may be eligible for this assistance can fill out the pre-qualification checklist to get started.  After completing the pre-screening you will be sent the application and provide the documentation needed for assistance.  Both mortgage and utility assistance is on the same application.  These funds will be on a first come, first served basis and all requirements must be met.

Once approved, a notice will be sent to your mortgage and/or utility company that payment is forthcoming.  Funds will be paid directly to your mortgage and utility company.

Eligible household is defined as:

1.    Qualified for unemployment or has experienced a reduction in household income, incurred significant costs or experienced a financial hardship due to COVID;

2.    Demonstrates a risk of experiencing homelessness or housing instability;

3.    Has a household income at or below 80% of the area median (see chart below).

This program is for qualified HOMEOWNERS IN COCHISE, GRAHAM AND GREENLEE COUNTIES only.  You must live in the home and be unable to make your mortgage and utility payment due to loss of income and/or illness from COVID.  The dollar amount and length of time of payment will be capped at 4 months.  You can be 60 days in arrears for payments.

Complete and eligible applications will be processed in a timely manner.  You must provide us with a working phone and message phone. .

​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:    Who can I contact for help with property taxes due to Covid-related loss of income?

A:      Visit the Arizona Department of HousingHomeowner Assistance Fund (HAF), or call 833.931.3600 to see if you qualify for assistance. You may also want to contact your County Treasurer to see if payment arrangements are possible.

         Cochise County Treasurer - 520.432.8400
                 Graham County Treasurer - 928.428.3440
                 Greenlee County Treasurer - 928.865.3422

Q:        I do not own my own home, but due to Covid I am behind on my utilities.  Can you help me?  
A:        Yes we can if you are behind due to Covid.  Please complete the Prescreen Application to get started.

Q:        I am working and my office has a mandatory length of time for you to be off before you can retest and return to work.  I did not have enough accumulated time to cover this.  Am I eligible?  
A:        Please complete the Prescreen Application and let us know that you have Covid and it compromised your pay.

Q:      Is there Covid-related assistance for renters?
A:     DES Covid-Related Rental Assistance - 833.912.0878
            Cochise County Housing Authority - 520.432.8880
            Graham County Housing Authority - 520.432.8880 (Includes Safford Thatcher Pima)

Q:        Is there Covid-related assistance for renters for utilities?
A:        Please complete the Prescreen Application. SEAGO staff will contact you to advise whether you meet eligibility criteria and any additional steps needed to move forward. 

            Renters may also contact DES for Covid-Related Rental Assistance at 833.912.0878

Q:    Do I need to provide proof of Covid-related income loss to receive assistance?
A:    Yes. If your prescreen application is determined that you are eligible for assistance, you will be asked for more detailed information and supporting documentation. We cannot provide assistance unless your circumstances are Covid-related. If you are unsure, call Melissa Hartman at 520.432.5301, ext. 214.

Q:     Who can I call for assistance with eviction prevention?
A:     Contact the Southeastern Arizona Community Action Program (SEACAP) for eviction prevention assistance - 800.293.1144