Our Transportation Program assists member entities with program elements administered through the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). SEAGO provides transportation planning, grants, and other services for communities within Cochise, Graham, Greenlee and Santa Cruz counties.

Greenlee County Road Ownership Study

The Greenlee County Road Ownership Study is the result of two years of research, analysis and design, made possible by funding from Federal Highway Administration through the Arizona Department of Transportation’s State Planning and Research (SPR) program. The project had two primary goals: to assemble all available documents relative to road ownership in Greenlee County, and to assemble that data into an accessible Geographic Information System (GIS) for easy access. 

The Rural Transit Assistance Program (49 U.S.C. 5311(b)(3)) provides a source of funding to assist in the design and implementation of training and technical assistance projects and other support services tailored to meet the needs of transit operators in nonurbanized areas.

Final Report

10 Things You Need to Know

Cross-border trade and tourism pass through these Arizona-Sonora ports of entry in the SEAGO Region:
- Nogales, Arizona to Nogales, Sonora
- Naco, Arizona to Naco, Sonora
- Douglas, Arizona to Agua Prieta, Sonora

The Section 5311 grant program's goals are to address the mobility needs of Arizona's rural population by enhancing access to health care, shopping, education, employment, public services and recreation.
assisting local communities in building effective transit services in rural areas.

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