Exec Board
Admin Council
Joint Exec/Admin
Exec Board

The Executive Board, is SEAGO's Board of Directors, which is responsible for formulation of policy for the Organization, adoption of a budget, establishment of fees and/or assessments, approving, rejecting or deferring action on any SEAGO business, and the employment and dismissal of an Executive Director. The Executive Board is comprised of one elected official from each of the 19 local government entities: Cochise County, Benson, Bisbee, Douglas, Huachuca City, Sierra Vista, Tombstone, Willcox, Graham County, Pima, Safford,Thatcher, Greenlee County, Clifton, Duncan, Santa Cruz County, Nogales, Patagonia, and the San Carlos Apache Tribe. The Board also contains five private sector representatives. There is one private sector representative from Graham, Greenlee and Santa Cruz Counties, but because the population of Cochise County exceeds 100,000 it is allowed two private sector representatives on the Executive Board. 

 CountyAgency Name Officer Phone
 GreenleeGreenlee CountySupervisor David Gomez2nd Vice Chair928.865.2072 
City of Safford 
Vice Mayor Richard Ortega Treasurer
 CochiseCity of Wilcox Mayor Mike Laws Chair 520.384.4271 
 Santa CruzCity of Nogales Mayor Arturo Garino 1st Vice Chair 520.287.6571 
 CochiseCity of Bisbee Mayor Ken Budge 520.432.6000
 CochiseCity of DouglasMayor Donald Huish520.417.7702 
 CochiseCity of Tombstone Mayor Pro Tem Bill  Barlow 520.457.2202
 CochiseCochise County Supervisor Ann English  520.432.9200
 CochisePrivate Sector Representative Ms. Barbara Richardson  520.586.1981
 CochisePrivate Sector RepresentativeMr. Daniel Valle 
 CochiseTown of Huachuca City Councilmember Jean Post 520.456.1354
 GrahamGraham County Supervisor Paul R. David 928.651.6506 
 GrahamPrivate Sector RepresentativeMr. Ed Lopez
 GrahamSan Carlos Apache Tribe Tribal Councilman Allred Pike 928.428.2290 
 GrahamTown of Pima Mayor C.B. Fletcher  928.485.2611
 GrahamTown of Thatcher Vice-Mayor Ashley Smith 928.651.3993
 GreenleePrivate Sector RepresentativeMr. Stephen Ahmann
 GreenleeTown of Clifton Mayor Luis Montoya 928.965.6063 
 GreenleeTown of Duncan Mayor Ann Thurman 928.359.2791 
Santa CruzSanta Cruz County Supervisor Bruce Bracker  520.761.7800
Santa Cruz Private Sector RepresentativeMr. David Budd
Santa Cruz Town of Patagonia Vice Mayor Michael Stabile 520.394.2229 
CochiseCity of Sierra VistaMayor Pro Tem Rachel Gray520.439.2140
 CochiseCity of Benson Councilmember Larry Dempster  520.586.2245
Admin Council

The Administrative Council is comprised of one appointed official from each of the 19 local government entities listed above. Each entity's representative on the Administrative Council is the city, town or county manager, city or town clerk, or their delegate. The Administrative Council meets two weeks before each regular meeting of the Executive Board and makes recommendations on all business to be considered by the Board.

County Agency Name Officer Phone 
 CochiseTown of Huachuca CityTown Manager Suzanne Harvey
 GreenleeTown of Duncan Interim Town Manager Philip Cushman
CochiseCity of DouglasCity Manager Ana Urquijo520.417.7302
CochiseCity of Benson City Manager Vicki Vivian  Vice Chair520.586.2245 
 CochiseCity of Bisbee City Manager Stephen Pauken 520.432.6000 
 CochiseCochise County Community Development Director Dan Coxworth 520.432.9200 
 Cochise City of TombstoneCharissa Presti, Accounts Payable  520.457.2202
 CochiseCity of Sierra Vista Community Development Director Matt McLachlan   Secretary520.458.3315 
 CochiseCity of Willcox City Manager Caleb Blaschke  Chair520.766.4203 
 GrahamTown of Thatcher Town Manager Heath Brown 928.428.2290 
 GrahamGraham County Administrator Dustin Welker 928.428.3250 
 GrahamSan Carlos Apache Tribe Transportation Planner Marvin Mull 928.475.3222 
 GrahamTown of Pima Town Manager Vernon Batty928.485.2611 
GrahamCity of SaffordCity Manager John Cassella
 GreenleeGreenlee County Administrator Derek Rapier 928.865.2072 
 GreenleeTown of Clifton Town Manager Rudy Perez 928.865.4146 
 Santa CruzCity of Nogales Acting City Manager John Kissinger520.287.6571 
 Santa CruzSanta Cruz County Administrator Jennifer St. John 520.375.7800 
 Santa CruzTown of Patagonia Town Manager Ron Robinson520.3 94.2229
Joint Exec/Admin

The Administrative Committee (comprised of the officers of the Administrative Council) and the Executive Committee (comprised of the officers of the Executive Board), are empowered under the current SEAGO Bylaws to conduct program related, time sensitive business that must be accomplished in between regular meetings of the full Administrative Council and Executive Board. The Administrative Council and Executive Board meet only four times per year. Calling special meetings of the entire Administrative Council (with 19 members) and Executive Board (with 24 members) to conduct business in between regular meetings is extremely difficult, even when several months' notice is provided. As a result, the Bylaws were amended to form the Committees in order to reduce quorum requirements so that business that could not wait until the next regular meeting could be conducted. The Administrative and Executive Committees typically hold four meetings over each calendar year.

Committee Agency Name Officer Phone
 ExecutiveCity of Nogales Mayor Arturo GarinoEB 1st Vice Chair 520.287.6571 
 ExecutiveGreenlee County Supervisor David Gomez EB 2nd Vice Chair928.865.2072 
 ExecutiveCity of Safford Vice Mayor Richard Ortega EB Treasurer928.432.4000 
ExecutiveCity of Willcox Mayor Mike Laws EB Chair 520.384.4271 
 AdministrativeCity of Willcox City Manager Caleb BlaschkeAC Chair 520.456.1354 
 AdministrativeCity of BensonCity Manager Vicki Vivian AC Vice Chair 928.359.2791 
 AdministrativeCity of Safford Community Development Director Matt McLachlanAC Secretary 928.432.401 

The Advisory Council on Aging (ACOA) serves as a forum to allow the elderly of Planning District VI to identify the principal problems confronting them and to determine practical solutions to such problems. Every Area Agency on Aging is required by the Older Americans Act, as amended, to have an advisory council. The members of the ACOA are appointed by the SEAGO Executive Board.

County Area Name Officer
 Cochise City of DouglasGary Clark Secretary
 Santa CruzTown of Patagonia Vacant
Santa CruzCity of Nogales Dr. Arnoldo Montiel
Santa CruzCounty Unincorporated  Monica Romero
 AllGovernor's Advisory Council on Aging Jaime AguilarGACA Representative
 CochiseCity of Benson Kathy Spangler 
 CochiseCity of Bisbee Leslie Lambert 
 CochiseCity of Sierra VistaDonald H. Behnke
 CochiseCity of Willcox Jayne A. Hancox
 CochiseCounty Unincorporated Kim Burks
 CochiseTown of Huachuca City Kim Jackson
CochiseCity of Tombstone Vacant
 GrahamCity of Safford David Morse
 GrahamTown of Pima Vacant
 GrahamTown of Thatcher Arnold Lopez  2nd Vice-President
 GrahamCounty Unincorporated Royce Hunt 
 GreenleeTown of CliftonFrank L. Montoya 1st Vice-President
 GreenleeTown of Duncan Valadee Crotts 
GreenleeCounty UnincorporatedJamie Aguilar President
SEAGO’s Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) is made up of one representative from each community and county within the region, as well as a voting ADOT representative, and the District Engineers from the Tucson and the Safford Districts. This committee discusses regional information and needs, suggests and then approves projects for the Transportation Improvement Program, as well as other important transportation needs throughout the region.

All activities requiring TAC approval must be brought before the TAC, then once approved, it is presented to SEAGO’s Administrative Council and Executive Board for approval. Once this is done, the project is then added to the SEAGO TIP and then on to the State Transportation Board for approval to the STIP (link is external). Once a project is approved, funding is scheduled according to the five year construction plan. 
 CountyAgency Name Officer Phone
 GrahamGraham County Michael Bryce, PE Chair 928.428.0410 
 GrahamCity of Safford Lance Henrie 928.432.4261 
 StatewideADOT-Multi Modal Division Mark Hoffman 602.712.7458 
 CochiseCity of Benson Michelle Johnson520.586.8961 
 CochiseCity of Bisbee 
 CochiseCity of Douglas Dave Swietanski502.417.7335
 CochiseCity of Tombstone TBD520.457.2202 
 CochiseCity of Willcox William Teeters 520.384.6447
 GrahamSan Carlos Apache Tribe Barney Bigman928.475.3222 
 GrahamTown of Pima 
 GrahamTown of Thatcher Tom Palmer928.428.2290 
 GreenleeGreenlee County Reed Larson928.865.4762 
 GreenleeTown of Clifton Rudy Perez , Jr.928.865.4146 
 GreenleeTown of Duncan 928.359.2791 
 Santa CruzCity of Nogales Juan Guerra, PE 520.285.5753 
 Santa CruzSanta Cruz County Leonard Fontes520.375.7830 
 Santa CruzTown of Patagonia Ron Robinson520.394.2229 
 StatewideADOT Brian Jevas
Statewide ADOT Jennifer Henderson 
Cochise Cochise County Jackie Watkins 
Cochise Sierra Vista MPO Karen Lamberton