In Home Services

"In-Home Services" refers to the array of services that help functionally impaired people to remain at home and to maintain their highest functioning 

level. The services are available in most communities to individuals who wish to pay for these services on their own. Our resource directories list these

private pay options under “in-home services” and “home health services.”  To see if the SEAGO AAA can cover these services, contact Central Intake for a prescreening at 520.432.2528.

In the SEAGO AAA system, the following services are included:

Home Delivered Meals

This service provides a nutritionally balanced lunch meal at least five days a week, which is delivered to the individual's place of residence.

Home Care

This term refers to four different services when they are provided in a coordinated fashion to individuals in their place of residence:

Attendant Care
Home Nursing (Greenlee County only)
In-home Respite
Adaptive Aids/Home Repair